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Western Medical understands that every job is different. With this in mind, we need to be flexible enough to accommodate anything that comes our way. We have been one of Canada’s leading healthcare construction companies since 2006, because we work innovatively and together in partnership with our customers.
We place a lot of trust in our people so they can perform their jobs at the highest level of their specialized abilities. In turn, they trust us to empower them through training and mentorship to be the best at what they do. Taking on new challenges and finding positive solutions are what set us apart from the other guys. Professional, experienced, solution focused team; that’s who we are at Western Medical.

At Western Medical, our corporate values are solid and true.

  1. Integrity – Integrity means doing the right thing at all times, no matter what. Integrity is a foundation which see’s you through the ebbs and flows of success. It’s what Western Medical is built on.
  2. Accountability – The value of accountability is the willingness to take responsibility for our actions. We do what we say and say what we do. It’s just that simple.
  3. Diligence – When we are diligent, we pay careful attention to detail and are dedicated to achieving quality results. Diligence does not rely on talent, but rather employs commitment and perseverance to change vision into reality
  4. Commitment – Commitment is the attitude we embody. It’s our commitment to ourselves, to our customer and to the end result of our delivered project. Commitment and dedication can be found at every level of our company.

Western Medical makes things happen on time and within budget

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Western Medical


Construction Management

When we are working with you as your Construction Management partner you can count on Western Medical to act as the lead on all aspects of your project producing a successful and seamless execution.

As the Construction Manager, we hold an important role as we identify and correct budget or quality issues early in the design phase. We focus on coordinating all the needs of the project and are responsible for maintaining a high functioning relationship with all stakeholders; owner, contractors and sub-contractors, engineers. From the day to day operational aspects of the project and scope to the coordination of unexpected issues that may arise – Western Medical manages each task and keeps our customer up to date with informative and detailed weekly project reports. Report Sample 1, Report Sample 2, Report Sample 3.

Beyond the internal workings of the project, Western Medical also maintains a high level of service when it comes to the external concerns such as managing equipment and material suppliers and developing safety and risk management plans.

With Western Medical as your construction manager the entire construction process will be well organized, well monitored and will reduce the costs and enhance the value of the entire project experience.

Design Build

When you choose our Design Build solutions, Western Medical has its own in house multifunctioning one stop design team and together we can develop solutions that fit your needs and your budget.

Our coordination and management skills begin before the construction phase of your project and acting as your single point of contact, Western Medical works with the engineers and architects in order to minimize the risks of the project and reduce the delivery schedule. By working collaboratively at this early stage we are able to negate the overlapping of the design and construction phase of your project and therefore reduce cost and often accelerate the schedule. As well, by collecting information early that would otherwise be discovered during construction, our team is able to develop a plan that addresses issues that could otherwise result in costly change orders and schedule delays.

Western Medical’s Design Build delivery method helps to ensure that all challenges are identified early with solutions provided that meet the needs of the client.

Diagnostic Imaging Installations

The installation of diagnostic imaging equipment is no basic task. These projects are often complex and filled with intricacies that only an experienced team of professionals can understand. That’s why engaging Western Medical as your construction partner makes the entire project so seamless.

We are one of a very few construction companies able to provide this skilled task and we come to the table with over a decade of experience. Western Medical provides de-install and install services for a variety of DI equipment:

  • X-Ray
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Fluoroscopy & Multipurpose
  • CT scan
  • Angiography, Cardiac & Electrophysiology

The outcomes have been “on time and on budget” with very high quality work

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