// leadership & teamwork have earned us

An exceptional reputation within our industry

When we are working with you as your Construction Management partner you can count on Western Medical to act as the lead on all aspects of your project producing a successful and seamless execution.

As the Construction Manager, we hold an important role as we identify and correct budget or quality issues early in the design phase. We focus on coordinating all the needs of the project and are responsible for maintaining a high functioning relationship with all stakeholders; owner, contractors, and sub-contractors, engineers. From the day to day operational aspects of the project and scope to the coordination of unexpected issues that may arise – Western Medical manages each task and keeps our customer up to date with informative and detailed weekly project reports.

Beyond the internal workings of the project, Western Medical also maintains a high level of service when it comes to external concerns such as managing equipment and material suppliers and developing safety and risk management plans.

With Western Medical as your construction manager, the entire construction process will be well organized, well-monitored, and will reduce the costs and enhance the value of the entire project experience.

Taking on new challenges and finding positive solutions are what set us apart from the other guys.